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Counselling and Psychotherapy Windsor Berkshire.
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Depression Counselling

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Trauma Counselling

Grief Counselling

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Claudia Meresca fully qualified Psychologist, Counsellor, and Psychotherapist

Hi, I'm Claudia Meresca, a fully qualified Psychologist, Counsellor, and Psychotherapist, registered and accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). 

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"Claudia's counselling has been life-changing for me. She's provided me with tools to manage my anxiety and depression, and she's always there when I need support. I'm so grateful to have found her."

- Sarah

"Claudia has helped me work through my grief and trauma. She is compassionate, empathetic and supportive. I highly recommend her."

- Michael

"I was struggling with addiction, but Claudia's counseling has helped me overcome my addiction and regain control of my life. I can't thank her enough."

- John

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